Tuesday , July 5 2022

A native or local figure cut his nose


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Apparently, rhinoplasty has become a new fashion trend in the original folk goddesses. And not that. In recent years after witnessing the amazing transformation of Parslava, Galina and then Camellia, many other famous women decided to go with a knife. Perhaps the most talked-about inspiration was Crai’s crazy reporter’s wife, Alexandra Pekanova, who was visiting ip in neighboring Turkey, and many said she looked like all the pop folk ers and lost her lost.

Last week, it became clear that actress Elaine Koulava also supported rhinoplasty, and we felt that Emanuela had joined the nose-driven team, for which we dare say that such a change was needed. Was not The beautiful singer Anna has also referred to the services of a specialist in Turkey, to which Kamalya and Sylvia Katsarova returned shortly.

Emanuel left for the neighboring country very soon, earlier this month, in the company of his close friend and model Gary Radichaka. The Man has not shared any photos after the operation, but we will probably see him soon with his modified Vision.

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