Tuesday , July 5 2022

The first women at the world premiere of “Pilate’s Dream”


Stephen Dimitrov won the award on stage with the team. Photos: Agents Toeno and NDK

The first ladies to join in the music festivities Saturday night at the premiere of the ballet “Pilates Dream” – Desislava Radova, but without her husband Roman Radif, and Antonina Stevenova, accompanied by her husband, Peter Stevenov.

Along with major pop stars such as Vasily Nedinov, Cristina Dimitrov, Vassel Petrov, musicians Stefan Dimov and Zyuko Petrov, along with his wife Kristina and their son Konstantin, they were ched in the show.

The epidemic forced the halls of the National Palace of Culture to be completed at 30 and 30 percent, and tickets were dropped from the show. He is extraordinary on a scale and musically – at first our contemporary composer – wrote a ballet inspired by the talented Stefan Dimitrov Mikhail Bulgakov’s classic “The Master and Margarita.” This is because the pillows are stretched and waxed long after waxing. Stefan Dimitrov’s unique music!

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