Tuesday , July 5 2022

Professor Gridjikov: Canada’s noted denial, the viola of the Constitution has not been removed


The main characters in the presidential battle are the main figures – Roman Radio and Anastas Gardejikov, caretaker Prime Minister.

The relationship between subjects of Bulgarian law does not depend on a third – and – and when it rejects citizenship from Canadian citizenship. If he does not write, we are in a bad state. Krystal Petkov does not link to the viola of the Constitution if he has done so with a note signed in the text that has been addressed to Canada. This was done by Prof. Grodzhikov on Bulgarian AIR.

He is of the opinion that the Constitutional Court is delaying the decision on the case; there may be internal differences.

“I cannot imagine that President Radio knows something is wrong and it is doing it,” said Caretaker Prime Minister Willek Yak.

Professor Grydykov does not expect a hard fight during the election campaign for votes cast on November 14. He expects a normal political battle to remain within the rules.

He described the “we continue to change” trend as a breath of fresh air, noting that the parties that were left unaddressed in the parliamentary examination after the April and July elections.

“The main characters in the presidential battle are the main and worthy personalities – President Radio and Anastasia Gordjikov. They will probably be the run-out, “said Professor Gardijkov, who does not expect Mustafa Kardi’s candidacy to particularly affect the vote.

He is optimistic about the cabinet after the November 14 election and has high hopes for “we can continue the change.” GERB will win elections, but no one wants them to be united with them.

“They have become a little bit like a party and the move will go back to the political force, ‘we keep changing.’

According to him, ITN is inexperienced and has made short political mistakes with the short-sighted movement. He does not allow them to vote until after the fourth quarter.

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