Thursday , June 30 2022

Bobby: Andre, I’ll give you two attempts, President


Bobby said he accepted the victory of the unions together and of Piristan. “Unfortunately, they did enforce the rules. I actually wanted to wait for the president, but in a nutshell, I was decided a long time ago, “he commented on his intention to accept the possible mandate to appoint a prime minister directly or to appoint a prime minister. Not to

“Of course, the president has or has different opinions. The last time I met him on Sunday afternoon, he said, ‘Andre, I’ll give you two attempts.’ But he went to the hospital and I don’t want to deal with him, “said Bobby.

According to the Constitution, the President has two attempts to appoint a Prime Minister. If in any case, the appointed prime minister cannot gain the confidence of the Nayabans for his cabinet, the Speaker of the House has made the third attempt.

Although Bobby’s movement is the largest parliamentary group in the parliamentary, it came to the fore in the elections and apparently there is no real chance of forming a government that can gain confidence in the Chamber of Deputies. The coalition and the Alliance, which wants a cabinet form, have a comfortable majority of 108 votes in the chamber.

In an interview at Frekvencia 1 on Friday, Bobby announced that he would not accept the possible permission of President Zaman to establish a cabinet. “We will move it to a new coalition and we will be in opposition,” Babik said.

“Give him peace!”

Bobby also commented on the request of the Senate, who wants to know about President Zaman’s health condition and how he can use his office. Zaman has now been admitted to the Central Military Hospital in Prague (ÚVN) for a week. The Office of the President, unaware of the position of head of state, Senate Chairman Melo Westerville (ODS) therefore turned to the turnedVN leadership.

“The president is important, please leave him alone. There is currently no role of president. Want to report to the Senate?

According to him, it is not necessary that information about the president’s health at that time is present, and that no further steps are needed until a new leadership is established by the Chamber of Deputies.

“Then, of course, we will resign as a government, and then the president will come. This means that maybe in late December or early November, the president will exercise his right and entrust someone, “says Bobby. “When that is its role, we want to know,” he said.

It is unclear whether the president or the president is capable of delegating the government’s duties to anyone, which, over and over, is only a formal and formal step. His contribution is essential in the appointment of a cabinet.

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