Thursday , June 30 2022

Pardubice – Sparta 2: 4, The house was dreaming and dreaming, there was Minev on those gltz.


Sparta played at Vrovice Dolka in the fall, in mid-August there was a draw for Bohemian (1: 1).


We followed the UConn minute by minute

When he started there against Paradox during the Spring, he lost a 2: 0 lead, the battle ended at 2: 2, when the winner in the match was gl mli sp domc. But this time wasted no time.

It was a short while to Sparan, not twenty minutes later when they gave the first flower. Until then, they were ardent Pardubice defended and created many kits, of which they also graduated.

The first one didn’t go, the menu didn’t. He received a perpendicular from Hlok and Mako against the goal and passed back. It lasted less than a minute and the guest was led into the shell of the shells, when the halo and pica process ended on the extreme side of the usual backyard weasel.

The Spartans would not otherwise have played two half-centuries in front of the national team. In the European League against the Rangers and against Slovenia in the Derby, they came from a strong defense, which was their one lasting and most responsible performance.

They were not so motivated against Pardubice and were sad that they did not get together after Panka was knocked down. In the first set, Kadu broke through the hole, avoided Elst, back to Wakai’s squat, but didn’t hit Bruno six meters.

Vzpt twice regretted that. That way, put your own flower in the menu match and raise it to 3: 0. At that time, he was taking the trip to Pardubice was unreadable. Nadji just gave them the caddo, who after a break dreams softly. But soon after the action and the center of the menu was scored by Puck. And Sparta is back for you.

A few minutes before the end of the Daniel Predobis drink for you, it was standing at 2: 4, but it was too late to do anything for the house.

The Pardubice hit made all the entrances, with Rihan Sparan stepping on it. Minev was the most active safety guard, constantly fighting him earing. He fired two bullets and one.

UTL was so loose, but SM didn’t score, in case 4: 1 hit from Bruno on half-hit SM, but the key ended on a tie. Spartan was found and happy, Pardobot was not in defense.

It was signed to them that Solal had to resign due to injuries during the war. Sentence after Captain El-Capt. Jacob, it was a kind of noticeable hit in the middle of the field. Due to the yellow cart, Sparta turned Pelican into the whack, which was replaced by Captain Boy on Wednesday. He was in charge of the first arrest of the Euro since August 7, when he suffered a knee injury against Carson. Until then, he only had one minute against the Rangers and less than an hour in the Derby.

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