Thursday , June 30 2022

Harry’s work will advertise for Harry and Meghan as a green investment


Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, gave up their royal honors and duties in early 2020, and had to start raising some start to feed them from the walls of the Windsor Palace. About two or two years later, it became apparent that getting a job was not a problem for them, on the contrary.

The New York Times reported on Tuesday, Harry and Meghan are joining the Moral Investments Fund, where they have to play the role of the so-called “impact partners award”. That means they will be tasked with raising awareness of the issues, such as climate change or racial and income inequality, said fund founder Jeanne Lipman. The company does not know how much the couple will pay for the nearest couple.

The moral ESG is riding the wave of the trend. This acronym is simply investing in environmentally and socially responsible companies. Such investments (due to efforts to reverse climate change) have become very popular, especially recently. Bloomberg warns that, according to estimates by the World Alliance GSIA, up to $ 35 trillion (766 trillion crowns) are held in ESG’s assets.

The moral fund alone is around $ 1.3 billion (28.5 billion crowns). Depending on the client assignments, it offers or similar investments depending on how individual companies perform: they no longer use abusive cheap labor, how much they spend, and so on.

The European Union has launched a quarter of a trillion euros in green bonds. Great interest is expected

According to the Guardian News website, Harry and Meghan hope their involvement in ethics will inspire young people to invest their money in responsible companies.

“We want to reshape the nature of investment, help solve the global challenges we face. This is one way we apply our values, ”the couple wrote in a joint statement. “What we choose and how we invest in energy describes us as a global community.”

Moreover, Prince Harry believes in the power of young investors. According to him, a new generation of investors and consumers have no idea how accountable one thing is to them. They are also concerned about the business environment in which they work. “The younger generation is already deciding which brand to buy when choosing their dollars and pounds.”

Mental Health, Netflix and Memorabilia

The ethical investment is the last in a series of job opportunities that Meghan and Harry have occupied over the past year. ha descendant of the British Queen Elizabeth II. In March, he took a leading position in the BetterUp startup, which provides coaching and mental health advice.

Investors are attracted, especially young people. They are not afraid to return due to high risk and returns

The BetterUp initiative is thriving, perhaps due to the princess’s engagement. Last week, it received an investment of $ 300 million (6.6 billion crowns), bringing it to a market value of $ 5 billion (109 billion crowns). That’s $ 1 billion more than the company when Harry joined in March.

Meghan and Harry have also established themselves in the field of media production. Their contract with Netflix streaming service is reportedly worth $ 122 million (2.7 billion crowns). Within the contract, their job is to create a variety of content. For example, Duchess Meghan is now collaborating on an animated series in which a 12-year-old girl will become acquainted with the influential women of sale history. Harry, in turn, helps produce a documentary to capture the lives of permanently wounded combatants.

For Spotify, a music streaming platform, there’s a podcast in which famous people talk about how they handled Lockdown during the podium.

Prince Harry also recently collaborated on a documentary series for the Apple TV + platform on mental health. Last but not least, he writes down memories.

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