Tuesday , July 5 2022

Morocco is the stronghold for digital autonomy


The Moroccan Observatory for Digital Autonomy (OMSN), a think-tank that brings together experts, academics and researchers who specialize in the digital world, held its groundbreaking General Assembly (AGC) in Rabat on purpose. The purpose of this structure is to be president as well as member of its executive board.

The WHO aims, in accordance with its laws, to “unite digital and digital artists and actors with digital autonomy as a strategic axis in Morocco, promoting the study and reporting of this topic and its subject-matter-based articles, In addition to helping, educating and advising organizations. A digital strategy ”.

It also aims to organize ceremonies, set up a platform for digital content exchange and reflection, and brings together companies and actors in the field to showcase an independent Moroccan digital ecosystem. According to its incentives, the initiative originates from the awareness of the empire’s technological and digital freedom’s importance for promotion.

At the end of this AGC, Mustafaid Meloui, president of OMSN, welcomed the structure that will be actively working in Morocco to participate in digital projects and to collaborate with government and government actors. Recommendations of the New Development Model Report regarding accelerating digital transfer and digitalisation of public administration.

“I am convinced that our country has the necessary assets for a real digital take-off. The latest creation of a ministry dedicated to digital transfer and governance is real proof that digital technology is a strategic priority for our country, “Mr Meloy said in a special address.

As a strength of the proposal, the participatory approach will be to develop a qualitative contribution to the WHON digital field, developing from that perspective, in consultation with stakeholders, a national strategy for digital sovereignty, given by Mr Melody.

It’s time to start a national debate on this topic and see how Morocco can make itself an indispensable reference in the digital world at the regional level, by capitalizing on the achievements achieved in digital governance.

“Observatory advocates the well-thought-out use of digital technology that underpins our specialization as a Moroccan”, he noted, explaining that this framework solves issues related to the autonomy and digital use of data on public subjects. Will offer solutions and recommendations. Normal.

WHO will also be a digital advocacy platform, the first question in favor of territorial integrity of the monarchy, as well as in the branding of Morocco and the country, he concluded.

Thereafter, members of the Observer’s Executive Committee were elected, in accordance with its laws.

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