Tuesday , July 5 2022

Shahid’s case in the Benjamin Murray case? His tribe responds!


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For weeks, Benjamin Murray has been in the eyes of English justice, imprisoned on a temporary basis awaiting his next pending release, which will take place in early 2022. The French team affords itself a case apparently at the heart of closely followed by the English press.

Mahrez and Greelesh allegedly shared an evening with Murray

And The Daily Sun, this Sunday, reveals the potential summons of Jack Girlish and Riaz Mahrez as potential witnesses in this case. According to the English newspaper, Grylish and Mehrez shared an evening at a nightclub on August 23, hours before the alleged abuse with a 17-year-old young woman in Murray.

However, according to information obtained by Girlish and Mehrij Sun, Mandi did not end the evening, as witnesses mentioned their summons, however, by the Sun. The most obvious answer to the Mehriz family, which was vehemently denied by its spokesperson. “Riyadh has no witnesses and is not treated,” reassured the Algerian winger.

To summarize

While Benjamin Murray, on the left side of Manchester City, is behind the prison, the English press describes the names of Girlish and Mehrez as witnesses. In fact, men have had an evening shared with Benjamin Murray little more than a sexual encounter.

Julien Padbos

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