Tuesday , July 5 2022

Television. Squad Game, the trending series, will bring in $ 900 million for Netflix


Squad Game is a trending series from South Korea. If you have a teenager, you certainly haven’t been to them …

The series was a great start to producers and broadcasters on Netflix, with 132 million viewers (according to Netflix’s metrics) finishing “Burgerton” within 23 days of the release.

A price of “only” 21.4 million

The success of the audience, which is also proving to be a financial success for the platform, according to documents by Bloomberg. “Skid Game” was expected to cost about US $ 900 million (775 million euros) to the US giant. Considering that the series is priced at $ 21.4 million Netflix.

Obviously, it’s complicated to calculate exactly the revenue of a series on Netflix, which lives on its subscriptions … and VAC comes with transparency.

That is how Netflix considers a series, or a movie, to be 2 minutes later watched by a subscriber. In the case of “SkyGame,” Netflix understands that 89% of viewers watch over 75 minutes of the program, and 66% of the entire series (we’re playing season 1).

Children of Erin Games and Great Violence

Combining social animosity and extreme violence, Squad Games offers the role of South Korea’s most backward edges, including an Indian immigrant and a North Korean defender, to participate in the traditional Games Earn Games 45.6 billion won. (33 million euros).

The combination of today’s entertainment and their spectacular results, with a dazzling production and spectacular landscapes, has truly won the world’s largest audience, with the series at the top of ratings on Netflix in over 80 countries.

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