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Every year, during christmas nine years of vacation, visits to discomfort, not just because of polytheism, rather endangerment, and as the evolution of the new swades,

Because of the work of Carrot Anarchy, which is even more in Christmas times.

In this university, experts at the Clinic Center of Algerian have warned about this diet. Because of acne, cheerful, sweet and generally moderate food foods, there are more digestive problems at this time, worse than usual illnesses. So they have emphasized the importance of healthy diet during the holiday, and above all, walking around the canad, especially for children and women.

"Scientific and professor is not in doubt that the long-term results of the birth associated with the Church Store and the Kid are related to pregnancy." Tromakovic says a disease disease.

It means that there is no need to break the cross over the cross

Baby Clinic USCS Logistics Detotype and Nutrition Department

Andreja Širca Čampa

It has been advised that we should prepare home as possible foods. Additionally, she has been selling shopping bags which clearly stays, whose expert explicitly prohibits her.

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"On the table there are two super sweet pots, where there are six toty cubits of five to five, imagine that only one car has been given in the caravan, when they are given six, the mother would have suffered it. No child

A nutrition expert is offered.

"The child has 20 kilograms, and the mother of the adult is 60. It means that, when her child has eaten such such sweets, she would eat three. Maybe there is no such thing in the world that can do this because they get harmful."

Even in the holiday season, calling for healthy food does not mean that "Creating the Cross", a specialist of nutrition treatment for children said. Accordingly, it is possible to mix with more healthy fishermen, which we prepared ourselves.

"A piece of oily contains a pearl canard, it can be 200 gram in the whole holes. Now the pieces of coconut that are now covered, and how the power of sin is,

Still a lovely شيرين, "

he said.

The reason hurts

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Medical Diseases of Diabetes and Child Clinic, Head of Client Department for Endocrinology



He further added that parents and older, old parents, children's love are often purchased in a hurry, and they do not know if the kard is added. This means that it gives us the feeling of happiness, which is due to dependence.


Know about our health before the causes of non-nutrients in the blood stream.

"The pure sugar, which is also juice in the water, is the fastest. Regardlessly the drink juice you find when your hair grows, even if you do not have a sugar"

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Incorrect response

A badenrine says that the result of the position of the posterior position in the blood, using blood sugar, has shown that EOP is involved in the illness of pneumonia, diabetes and metabolicism.

Expert warns the recent American study. An honorable magazine in the field of diabetes

Diabetes Care – Posted by American Diabetes Association

– She published some published articles published a few days ago, which has been widely certified that affecting the ability of the canad to affect the learning ability, problem solving, remembrance …

"The healthy flow of wheat in the bonus is minimized in the peculiar sensitivity in fifteen years. This is a great study that has been included with many people, so that we have an extremely vertical scaffolding point. Regardlessly, it includes food free sharks, & # 39;

Add batteries. At the same time, Dr. expressed his disappointment that the advertisement slogans in Slovenia have still been allowed, such as good dreams.

According to the latest figures of Statistical Office in 2017, over 878,000 people in Slovenia were above or over 18 years or over or above 52% or more of their age.

We can reach an agreement

The experts have been mentioned that there is a high level of cohesion in our country and behind it is a psychological illness. "Accordingly, the" backward environment "is an important part of the wrong and non-violent advertisements that seeks to abide by calamity and show it as a reward.

"The day of our leave is sent from Britain to us that you are very happy during the holidays, but with some feelings, in the health of consciousness. We believe that this problem in Slovenia is poverty, this healthy diet is unhealthy. It is more expensive, but it is also true that if we are justified by its responsibility and reaching a convoy, which is still acceptable for children, pregnant women, and other dangerous groups,

Add batteries.

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