Tuesday , July 5 2022

Amazon is about to vote for North Virginia for its second headquarters


Amazon, the world's largest businessman, is gearing up to build his second home in North Virginia, according to The Washington Post. Jeff Bezos is nearing a deadline she has decided to decide where to find her. The new complex will be called HQ2, will cost at least $ 5 billion and create nearly 50,000 jobs.

An article from the American media shows that Amazon is negotiating to open its second home in the residential and commercial district of Chrystal City, located south of the capital of Washington. Sources say the company is interested in how quickly it can move its employees.


The Amazon's likelihood of choosing this place is greater than other potential cities in the US, sources say. At the beginning of the year, the internet giant had to choose between 238 candidates, then narrowed to 20 cities, including Atlanta, Denver, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles.

Jeff Bezos's company said its criteria and said it would look for a city with more than 1 million people with a stable business environment. The aim was to find a place with strong local and regional talents, especially in the field of software development and related fields, and a community that has a global perspective and creative thinking.

Post writes that the real giant has stood firmly at Chrystal City. This is why the largest real estate company in the area – JBG Smith Real Estate Investment Fund, to withdraw some of its buildings from the leasing market to make way for Amazon. However, it is not excluded that the company will have similar interviews with other finalists about the site.

On the other hand, CNBC sources reported that Amazon employees on Friday had a "very productive long" conference call. They add that the final decision will soon be adopted and the choice is between North Virginia or Austin, Texas. The company refused to comment, but her spokesman said she "remains committed to the final decision before the end of this year."

However, Mike Grela, Director of Amazon Economic Development, commented in Twitter that "leakage of information and speculation are not for Crystal City." He also writes that society requires the finalists to sign a secret information agreement that should not be violated.

The solution comes "from the heart"

As the Internet giant still fluctuates between 20 points in the list, CEO Jeff Bezos said last week that the decision was finally "taken with heart".

On Thursday, in an interview with journalist Walter Isaacson, the founder of the company did not want to provide information on which of the cities would be HQ2. But he said that as soon as Amazon had all the data that proved his choice, the decision would be limited to taste.

"Ultimately, this solution will be intuitive once we have all the data we need," Bezos said.

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