Tuesday , July 5 2022

"Aquamen", James Wang, and what the director is about to finish the film


"Aquamen" is one of the most anticipated films by the end of the year. The reason is many. One of them is that directing is turned on James Wang.

Most unexpected movies by the end of 2018

Most unexpected movies by the end of 2018

They will like everyone

And because Wan is a spec of movies that make our senses and then difficult to fall asleep, now we are especially interested in how he dealt with how to make a movie about a superhero.

The director uses his Instagram account to boast that work on Aquaman is officially over. It sounds a little weird, but it's because a type of movie – with many special effects – requires a lot (in many cases even more) off-set work.

But after Wan says everything is ready, then it is. He also thanked the entire team that has been doing this "little movie" in the past two years.

Extended Aquamen trailer with Jason Momo

Atlantis will find his good king

Jason Momoa answers many questions

Many months and no rest – this is a description of James Wang about working on Aquamen. Of course, he invites us to see his work on December 28 when he goes to the cinemas. Meanwhile, according to his words, he plans to make a long nap.

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