Tuesday , July 5 2022

Parliament approved budget approval


With 121 MPs in the Chamber, Parliament has begun work on Wednesday to discuss and adopt the State Budget Act for 2019.

Parliament's second week collects a heavy quorum to work, and some of the plenary sessions even failed, as MEPs from BSP and MRF did not register in the hall.

They announced the boycott of the session until the resignation of Deputy Prime Minister Valeriy Simeonov from the answer to mothers of disabled children that they "laugh at women" with "sick children".

They also threaten to stop registering if Deputy Prime Ministers Krassimir Karakachanov and Valery Simeonov do not join Friday until Friday. Yesterday the quorum was gathered precisely thanks to five MPs.

After the opening of the BSP meeting, he expressed doubts that the quorum was set because the candidacy showed 128 deputies and only 104 were present on the last vote.

The Socialists demanded control of the second name, where everyone would get out of their seats and say they were in the plenary hall. Tsvet Karayanchev, the President of the Parliament, refused.

"I guarantee that for every name you read, there was a Member of Parliament in Parliament, and if you doubt you can leave a person and watch, you can watch the video and you see that there is a quorum, no one can vote, the right to vote on this topic , who feels ready and convinced, "Karayancheva said.

"You have questioned the very fact of how you controlled the name and its results, and in addition you question the legitimacy of any vote based on this quorum and no quorum," BSP MP from Tasko Ermenkov.

Today's meeting must be approved on the state budget and changes to tax laws. MEPs also will discuss a new way of calculating the car tax, which includes the environment component at second reading.

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