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After the dispute about Alex struck Forejt on Mynar: Behind the video with white powder and prostitutes is he


"It will be inappropriate for me to talk about the taste of a person who is sucking up the coke and organizing orgies with prostitutes." These were the words of Castle Chancellor Vratislav Mynar on the Foret a criticism of the fact that on 28 October Chancellor's wife Alex Mynářová.

And the former castle logger Forejt then blew for the Flash: "I would like to remind Mr. Mynář that, on the basis of the materials he had provided, I was investigated by the police, who in September 2017 concluded that I had committed no offense or misconduct."

Indirectly, he just described Mynar as the person behind the 2016 compromising video. A corrupted man like Forejt, for example, was wearing a white powder that remarkably resembled cocaine.

Background video is unclear

After nearly two years, Forejt apparently revealed who was interested in such a video. As for its origin, uncertainty still prevails. It turned out that the video spread two couples of men with a criminal past. It was shot by a man who was apparently a drug distributor, prostitute and porn star.

The exact motive for the creation of the video was not yet clear, Forejt did not talk about it himself. He only claimed that someone was blackmailed by this video and demanded money for his destruction. However, the police did not prove anything like that and suspended the case. Another man offered the video to journalists and, according to his words, wanted to monetize him because Forejt allegedly owed him money. Now the former logger suggested that Mynar himself could initiate the video.

The police postponed the investigation

Police also investigated the video content itself, but last fall it concluded that no crime was committed. "The policemen checked the events recorded on the video, it was about two people," Štěpánek Zenklová, spokesperson for the Municipal Prosecutor's Office in Prague, said.

Forej shortly after the scandal video leaked in the Castle's record ended, it officially justified it for personal and health reasons. Later, he joined the Václav Klaus Institute.


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