Tuesday , July 5 2022

Chico Perez acknowledges that ‘becoming a partner of Wurstapin is not easy’


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جي Red Bull RB16B It’s a difficult car to manage, something that Sergio Perez He has experienced this season and for which he still has no solution, an issue that adds to the complexity of the concussion. Max Verstappen, One of the best drivers in Formula One today and who is in the title fight for drivers.

Chico acknowledges so far that the Dutch company can be as tough as the conditions in which the car is provided. Completely yours for your car, Something that puts her at a clear disadvantage.

“Of course, it’s not easy to be Max’s partner”.Comment on the tattoo statements that it collects Racing News 365General Chat Chat Lounge “He is totally one with the car And performs at the highest level. We have a unique car, so it’s no secret that it’s not so easy for me, “he said.

He explained that the car is “completely different” than it was Racing pointSo take a moment to unpack your car and get apt in the way he drives, something he’s still working on.

“I had a difficult time with it, if not too dramatically. We have a very smart car and we can be positiveGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Max proves this. This car, if it’s not the best car on the grid, is at least one of the best cars, “he told Vic.

Let’s learn how to cope with pressure

The Czech recognized that The environment of Red Bull also plays a roleHowever, since this is a top team that seeks to overthrow Mercedes, even if it does, it raises it around, something that will happen to Max’s former teammates, such as Pierre Gasley and Elsie AlbinGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

“You have to be very strong mentally, every day. However, I think it’s one of my strengths, “he said.

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