Tuesday , July 5 2022

The teen killed in the AICM attack is being investigated for the robbery quilt


The body Donovan Abraham Ortiz fWas handed over to his relatives, but The capitalist authorities Because of them 17 years old This is related to a robbery quilt that happened in the Guerrero neighborhood.

Sources at the Capital Prosecutor’s Office reported that when a review was conducted they found that young Donovan allegedly participated in one. Passengers robbery oasis This year, according to an investigation.

The boy lived in a sales colony CTM Culhuacán In the mayor’s office of Coyoacán, and was a regular user of motorcycles, therefore Social network A customer remembered it and said goodbye to the alleged offender.

Donovan was noticed riding on motorcycles in their networks, even doing stunts. He was one of those who tried to perform it Crime, Along with three subjects, but none of them ran when they were attacked Attack on the driver of the restaurant businessGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Two subjects or people escaped when they were shot to death by their companion. Police sources said that the Intelligence Team Secretary of Citizens Security (SSC) is concentrating at the visitors’ villa.

In the context of factual investigations, agents maintain the assumption of a direct attack, though they are still evaluating the purpose of the attack.

It was packaged about, 24 hours after the crime, the head of Mexico City’s government, Claudia Shinbaum Curtain, Denied that the attack was registered in Mexico City International Airport (AICM) It was an attack However, the investigation is ongoing.

“It is not an attack, and certain features can already be (…) investigated so as to reach the liabilities and may even cause the direct aggression,” he said. Local president

Shibin-Bam Pardo confirmed that the person being attacked is a businessman in the restaurant sector and that the problem robbery quilt and eatGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

“In these special cases, where there are cases of this kind, you should know all that you can give,” he said.

Friday morning, trading Eduardo Beaven Magaña The man was attacked by armed men when he arrived at the city’s International Airport, where he was expected to board a commercial flight to Cancun, Quintana Roo.

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