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The edition is approaching End 2021, And this is the ideal time to take advantage of the tree Promotions And Discounts This program has come out for this year, but you have to be careful Purchases Impressive and also Learn to Avoid the Problems of the Past In the most common issues that caused a cause Complaints الا ي لا Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (PROFICO).

In 2020, about 52,000 inquiries were made on the first day from this agency and the first complaints were received from consumers where some people who did not take advantage of the opportunity when a company makes a mistake on that occasion Customer He demanded that the business sell him bottles of whiskey that the business had.

During this season, a large number of reports were reported in the first three days in the category The clothesCYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD Shoe And Electronic Here are links to products such as television screens, especially conveniences.

One of the complaints that was noted was when a person inside گوادالجارا Floors are available in a shop with their promotion area in 3×2 wine bottles, but there is no explanation as to how many units they can buy per unit of units.

This person ordered the orders that were in stock at the store سوریانا And when Proficio Taken the case and – that there were no set limits for the customer, ruled against the store, satisfied with the buyer.

For that reason, the store felt obligated to sell 2,200 bottles to this man Whiskey Business, When the client requested that they were not on display in the sales floor, but that they were in the warehouse.

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The claims were generally due to non-compliance A offers one And Promotions where the three retail chains were located: WalmartCYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD Leferball And The office depot Among several companies.

Proficio received calls from various parts of the country to make claims, but it was in Mexico City, Querétaro and Michoacán where most of the complaints were concentrated from the beginning.

We recommend that you take your piggy bank seriously, collecting 18,000 pesos in 14 weeks.

It is in this case that the Attorney General’s Office also urges urges not to be careful about the products and advertising labeling proposals that have been proposed, since this has already happened, due to periodic errors. Such as points and commas in it. Advertised pricing causes conflicts, where one customer is reminded to buy one for three bucks. Flat screen For these types of problems.

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