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Authorities do not understand how illness can lead to illness


– The fact is that there are people in this country who do not have an independent life transition to the legislature, says psychologist Randi Rosenqvist TV 2.

This week, it was discovered that police were reinforcing their theory that mental illness was the backbone of the Kongsburg murders. Rosenqvist was not surprised when he read the news.

– When I was in that video clip, wow, I thought this was a seriously ill person. There was some irregular message, intensity and manner in which he looked, he says and refers to a YouTube video where Aspen Anderson Burden considers himself a Muslim.

Rosenqvist says that because the current legislation does not take enough account for how mentally ill people can be.

– Authorities do not understand how ill it is possible to get it. We have legislation that is fair to everyone if they get an offer or offer, he says.

Not enough reports found

Today, the police and the health service may request that someone forcibly enter, if there is reason to believe that someone is a serious mental illness. The human being is then subjected to forced examination for six days. But according to Rosenqvist, this has been minimal.

– Many believe that the rule of law in psychology is that no one should be stopped without legal reasons. While I think the big issue is security protection, ill people do not get the diagnosis and treatment they need.

She says it can take months to three months of research, before anyone has any idea what the disease is and possible cure.

– I’m quite disappointed about how quickly a psychiatrist excludes a patient who deals with the chaos and threatening maize, she says on TV2.

DESPAIR: Randi Rosenqvist thinks that many did not get the report they needed.

DESPAIR: Randi Rosenqvist thinks that many did not get the report they needed. Photo: Goran Jarganovich

Rosenquist believes it is time to look at the law and to put the beds in the beds, so that people can stay in the hospital at one time.

– We need to acknowledge that it can take up to three months for a person to do a proper investigation, and the legislation that says it’s OK.

Date will be reviewed

Prime Minister Jonas House Stearns (Labor Party) is clear that it is important to review the history of Aspen Anderson Burden.

– I think it’s pretty obvious that you have to do something dramatically. We have to be careful in drawing the results, but there is one word you can draw and that is the risk of exclusion and the risk of appeal, he says and continues,

– Having a community where you are in, heard about and where the challenges are taken is very important.

Prime Minister Jonas Gohr Stern and Justice and Emergency Management Minister Emily Angler seal flowers and candles during a visit to Kongsberg on Friday night.

Prime Minister Jonas Gohr Stern and Minister of Justice and Emergency Management Emily Angler lit flowers and candles during a visit to Kongsberg on Friday night. Photo: Terje Bendiksby

According to Justice Minister Emily Enger Seal (SP), the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health are in the dialogue to follow psychological conditions, after news of the mental health of the offender.

– It’s not about those who haven’t committed crime yet, one of whom should be able to catch up at an early stage. It also works for those who are already in jail care, who must be healthy and not sick, Meh said when he visited TV2 Nyhetskanalen on Sunday morning.

– There are a lot of experiences that we have to ask here. We must learn from this case, but there will be time for that later.

– About time

Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol does not want to comment on the matter at this time, but stated on TVN 2 that he has important work to improve mental health services.

The rosinquest fears that the discussion will be forgotten, and indicates that the topic raised has raised many.

– I’ve been trying for discussion for over 25 years. Now people are worried about it, and I think it’s over in a week. I hope the new government can say that this was the beginning of their government, and they will follow it. Because that’s a really big time.

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