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Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United


Laurent Blanc is still regrettable in his career before not signing for Manchester United.

The Frenchman signed for Manchester United in 2001, and spent the last nine years as a joint professional footballer.

Now the legend indicates that he has been wanting Sir Alex Ferguson much earlier in his career, and he still regrets the tree down at Manchester United.

– I was 36 years old when I came to Manchester, and I was about to end my career, but the interesting thing is that when I arrived in Barcelona (in 1996), Sir Alex Ferguson called me, he told the magazine Paninka. Says. , According to Sports Witness.

– He asked me to sign for United, but I couldn’t do it. I had already signed up for Barڪاa, the Frenchman says.

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– Convince me

Thus, there was no transfer to Manchester United at the time, but Ferguson still hasn’t lost. Five years later, the legendary coach fulfilled his wish.

“After five years he returned and convinced me,” Blake says.

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– He told me: “I want you to work with me for at least a year. I have all these defenders today, such as Neville Brothers Air, Roy Ferdinand, Wes Brown… and you have a lot of experience ”, says French.

Blanc is unhappy that he spent the last year under Ferguson as a footballer. However, he wished he could play longer shirts for his shirt.

– That was incredible, and now I’m sorry I didn’t go to England, he says.

Want Premier League

After defeating Arsenal Wenger’s Arsenal in the first season, Blanc and his teammates fought back in their second season, winning the Premier League in the 2002/2003 season.

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Blanc played for several major clubs during his career, including Barcelona, ​​Inter, Marseille and Napoli. He also had great success with the French national team, winning the World Cup in 1998 and the European Championship in 2000.

After his playing career, he has been a coach. He first coached Bordeaux for three years, before taking on the French national team in 2010 .. After nine years in that job, he was ready for the PSG in 2013. There he served as coach for three years.

He is now the coach of the club, Ariane, the club that recently signed James Rodriguez.

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