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Sean Penn: – Divorce –


A few years ago, it was reported that actor Sean Penn, 61, has married his 32-year-old son Victoria Lee, 29, of Australia.

It was five years ago in October, with 61-year-old George Noel, who is also an actor. Last summer he was able to discover that the couple was married in the same manner as Corona during the epidemic.

The secret of the marriage is

The secret of the marriage is

He confirmed this in an interview with The Independent, where he responded to wedding rumors by showing a wedding ring.

– We had a wedding. By that I mean we sent it to Zoom and we were home with my kids N kid Ern and his brother Andy. We did it that way, says the newly married star.

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By now the love between the rivers must have ended. On Friday, the 29-year-old “Kerr” actor filed for divorce. Thus, the marriage reversal ended after one year, and the parents divorced. It confirms people.

Famous respected

For Australian born Ao Lela George, the Oscar Award Sean Penn is perhaps opening an important door for the film industry. He debuted as an actor the same year he first appeared in Public Yero together, and has since appeared in several films.

- Weddings & .Creating Children

– Weddings & .Creating Children

However, she was not unfamiliar with the film industry prior to her profiled relationship. Her father is “La And Order” star Vincent de Onfreu, and her mother is a 1980s movie beauty Greta Scotch.

Penn was dating Charlize Theron in November, but they made their way to June. He also married Robin Wright (55) from 1996 to 2010, and Madonna (63) from 1985 to 1989. The actor has two characters. She is married to Wright, daughter of Dylan Francis (30) and son Hopper Jack (28).

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Penn and Madonna are still friends today, and in 2016 they both attended a charity gala in Miami, Madonna’s organization “Rising Malawi.”

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At the time, the “Like a Virgin” singer announced her love for her ex-husband from her stage by surprise.

- How is this possible?

– How is this possible?

– I still love you to this day, according to Madonna Daily Mail, after her ex-boyfriend came on stage.

No contact

However, at the age of 61, he is not as good as his ex and ex wife. Even if they have grown-up children together, there is no touch of pan and right.

– That’s the best way Penn has said in several interviews, and has described the relationship as conflicting.

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When they separated in 2009, the couple had already applied for separation and reunited again.

The third ended in a divorce from Yero and was a clearly bitter pan.

How the mood between him and his ex-wife George is currently unknown is not beneficial to both of them after the public outcry.

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