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Fixed-Price Customers – Electronic – E24 after Electronic Shock


Electronic customers forced to negotiate favorable fixed pricing agreements with AguaCraft in a high spot market. – Illegal dismissals, says the Consumer Council.

Smile for the camera: Models smile in the air – But AguaCraft customers does not receive criticism from customers and consumer authorities.

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On Thursday, E24 wrote about electricity supplier AguaCraft, which is losing, using fixed-price contracts to acquire new customers this summer.

Today’s record high price hikes close to NOK 1.3 per kilowatt hour mean an average profit of NOK 1,213 per user who subscribe – and a slight loss for Agva Craft.

Before the end of the week, several fixed-price customers received written notice from the company that they would be moving to the “favorable spot price agreement” from November 1, as “a general review revealed that they had a Is a contract that can only be used. New Customers “.

The Consumer Council confirms to E24 that they have already received inquiries from 20 abducted clients in the case.

– Many consumers have a cheaper fixed price contract with AGO. These agreements are binding, and Agua cannot terminate consumers while a fixed-price contract is underway, says senior consultant Thomas Iverson to E24 at the Consumer Council.

– That you get fixed is a very favorable fixed pricing agreement because the cost of electricity goes away, it is detrimental to the trust between consumers and the electricity companies, he adds.

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– Illegal

The E24 contains several influential customer documents that they have received in writing from Agva Kraft confirming that the “new” customer definition connection is a series of campaigns, one that has not been a customer in the past 12 months.

Nevertheless, a large number of them have been thrown out of their contracts – despite the fact that they were not customers of the company for several years before ordering.

E or claim that E24’s been kicked off even though they did Never will He has also been a customer of the company before.

– Acknowledging that users have received introductory offers that apply only to users who have not had a customer in the past twelve months. Customers who contact us, however, point out that this is not true, which makes dismissal unfair, says Iversen.

– Aggression becomes a victim’s own pricing strategy. It’s not the users who have to pay that price.

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He emphasizes that AgvaCraft already checks at the end of the contract to ensure that consumers meet the terms and conditions applicable to the consumer agreement.

– As a professional party, the hijacker must react quickly if it turns out that the individual consumer is not worth the contract in any case, says Iversen.

Many Q&A: Consumer Council and Senior Counsel to Thomas Iverson

Since the launch of AguaCraft in 2015, the Consumer Council has registered a total of 92 customer inquiries about the company.

– This is a comparison to high yen and major electricity sales companies. Among other things, two inquiries are from Hafsland, one of Norway’s largest electricity companies, says Iversen.

The contract referred to

“Promotions are generally not available to prospective customers, but the requirements apply may vary from campaign to campaign,” writes AguaCraft CEO and Chairman of the Board, Fan Eric Arcandor, in an email to E24 کي.

“If someone is misinformed that they do not have the ability, it will certainly be true,” he writes.

On Thursday, he told E24 that almost all of the company’s electronic company customers were on spot price contracts, and that the company was somewhat influenced by wholesale wholesale prices.

“It’s true that we have some fixed pricing campaigns this summer / autumn, but a small fraction of the contract customer and customer customer portfolio” are still there, “Archinder wrote in an email at the time.

Answer: Agva Kraft CEO Finn Erik Arctander.

Nonetheless, the company now has the resources to remove or lose customers from fixed-price contracts with fixed costs.

Archinder writes that it is clear that the contract cannot be signed for a sales content campaign by customers who were customers.

“But if something promised to individual customers is promised, we will certainly be responsible for what they have agreed to,” writes Archinder.

E24 has been sent screenshots of the appealing ad, and here it says, “This is a promotional product that can be ordered from new and new customers.”

However, it is not stated anywhere that you cannot be a customer.

“For New and New Customers”: A screenshot of AguaCraft’s fixed pricing campaign this summer.

– Do you mean that you maintain the agreements that are asked of them, and thus receive a positive response that they will meet the requirements to obtain the agreement? But not for those who need it, but have never been asked specifically about it?

“Of course, the agreements are to be maintained for good There were no customers in the past, this is the main rule for this kind of thing. If one has been approved Exception From this, we will maintain the agreement for them too ”, responds Archinder.

Regarding the Consumer Council statements, he says the following:

Of course, AgvaCraft does not change the terms already entered into the changes to a fixed pricing agreement. How electricity prices are calculated does not necessarily affect the agreements between the customer and AguaCraft, this is the purpose of a fixed pricing agreement (the price fixed), writes Ar. , And adds:

“Customers who do not qualify for the promotion can, however, experience that their contract will be terminated.”

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50 øre to 1.3 kroner

– I think a new customer is someone who is not already a customer, says Patrick Johansson.

He is one of Agaw Craft’s many customers who noticed yesterday that they would lose their profitable contract.

– Here they come with ach link of the contract after almost three months they can be checked immediately if I am a customer by September 2018. This is a big failure in internal routines, and if you are a conspirator, you may suspect that they will use it. One type of valve is intended when the market is taken in different directions, Johansson says.

Responding: AguaCraft customer Patrick Johansson.

He accepted the offer in July to reduce his electricity costs by 44.9 فيre per kilowatt hour for twelve eighteen months. In November, he suddenly has a spot price of 1.3 kroner.

He is a member of the Facebook group Prismatch Strøm, where a survey yesterday revealed that 29 members claimed they had been wrongfully thrown out of their fixed pricing agreement with AguaCraft. Johansson tells E24 that he won’t be surprised if it ends up in a class action lawsuit against the company.

Many in the Facebook group complain that they were customers for many years, but many claim that they have never bought electricity from the company.

Agua Craft’s fan Eric Orchard is presented with statements by Patrick Johansson by E24, but has not commented on them.

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Can complain to Elklagenemnda

Iversen in Converter Council indicates that the customer to whom they have been made can complain to the company and request that the original fixed price contract be maintained.

– If you disagree, then the case can be appealed to Elklagenemnda. At the same time, you are free to enter into a new contract with a new company, says Iversen.

He also stresses that many companies may face challenges facing the economy as a result of high electricity costs.

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In Thursday’s article, Pareto Director Lars Owo Scorpion explained how the particularly high cost level This puts companies at the brink of power companiesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

To say that the Prieto Top E24 will be surprised if no electricity companies go onboard with the prices.

– The Consumer Council asks Norwegian electricity customers to follow ments and agreements have been changed, says Iversen.

– If you have a fixed pricing agreement, it will remain in force until the contract expires. If you have a non-binding agreement, you can switch to a better and better agreement at any time.

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