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Back to Level 4 – Game Reviews and Opinions [PS5, XSXS, PS4, XOne, PC]


The Le 4 Dead Series is an unparalleled multiplayer design that unexpectedly hits the drawer, and Gabi Neville buried it Hal on a mysterious island with a script for Half-Life 3 called ” Never in life Trilogy Rock Studios has been trying for some time to prove to the world that it can give players something to do with co-operative co-operative rail running rail filled with dead people, but fortunately … which you safely call good. Can be the “ft ft 4 dead”. 3 “- The problem is the head of the recoil valve, which may be what lawyers call the” 3 “number. The new name, however, did not affect the game’s assumptions and the revised Bake4 Blood could be considered as the spiritual heir to the burial IP. It’s not a perfect report yet, but the developers confirm that they can provide a great gameplay experience.

Back 4 Blood uses a pattern-keeping pattern

Back 4 Blood - Review - Fight behind enemy lines

The Revised Bek4blad gives you a familiar experience from the very first moment. The creators in the game add up to four friends who do not act smaller or larger pieces on the way to eliminate groups of zombies and creatures through four actions. The plot is still an addition to the game for a recurring game, during which the heroes do not wander from point A to point B, and they can really escape the breath. The structure of the mission is quite matic enough, but if you’ve played the mentioned ft W4 dead, you won’t be surprised. However, my impression is that the developers have done their homework here and at least they have provided more and more different sets. In addition, during the missions, we have the opportunity to perform various actions that are usually called new forces, so we routinely encounter large groups of enemies, and the developers do not forget the big rivals. During the game, I really liked the variety of “worms” (called zombie monsters), although even though we initially encountered common cannons, shortly afterwards they appeared enemies or enemies who had the proper support. Need to The game could not be terribly frightening, Dryblas runs with a great deal of power and can be scared as old locks, and Rzygun afterwards dies after Mac and causes additional problems for the players.

After the test, I was not entirely sure if Back 4 blood There was something about the game that was missing. However, my impression is that just a closer look at the title allows us to better understand the assumptions made by the team, because here again we cannot be inspired by a broader story, and The campaign is an excuse to go to the next locations. Experienced shooters will complete the first complete aero event in about 6-7 hours, and I have already seen in the record holder that can run through the action in less than about 3 hours. Little? On the one hand, yes (more tasks may be nice!), But on the hand side, the product offers a very clever system for replayability, which actually encourages you to spend many hours in the position.

Triple Rock Studio knew that the public would demand more in 2021, so developers had to expand the game significantly. The developers used a card system for what I think is a pretty complete game – It is thanks to the mechanic that you come back to the proposal and you can feel the breath of fresh air all the time. What is it about Before embarking on the mission, the player chooses the card for his role and although in the beginning we have the opportunity to fundamentally increase health or endurance, that is enough to spend. Back 4 blood Many hours to understand that developers have given us a comprehensive and highly flexible system. By making decisions, we can influence the hero from influence and, for example, make him a murderer who will heal himself by killing enemies in a particular way. However, players cannot think about pleasures, because the product also includes cards that have a negative impact on the struggle. Some worms also increase their strength or health; at times they provide additional forces to the opponent, additional ocks of birds may appear on the map to escape, or to restore HP attacks. There are several options, and I must mention the “AI Director”. – As the name implies, the developers have concealed a system system that reacts to events to provide greater attractiveness to players on an ongoing basis. Artificial intelligence ensures that enemies constantly face their opponents at their level, add new enemies to the map, or otherwise set objects or insects. The suggestion is to make sure that the tasks coming to each of the next tasks give the expected freshness of the struggle.

The Beak 4 Blade offers an excellent shooting system

Back 4 Blood - Review - Last chance

A well thought out and executed card system with hell would not have been successful if it had been reviewed. Back 4 blood It didn’t offer anything: a great firing system. Triple Rock Studio did not disappoint in this topic, and I also had the impression that it was a positive surprise in some way, because the creators believe that each and every one of them offers different experiences and a lot of satisfaction at the same time. Regardless of whether I had a sniper rifle, shotgun, ordinary revolver or machine gun in my hand – the feel of the weapon is really great. DualSense also helps with adaptive triggers and hepatic vibrations in positive feedback, and there is no doubt about it. Back 4 blood Plays happily. ors operators also implemented a well-developed system in the mission itself, because during the phases we get currency, which we can then spend on small purchases today, and in addition, from time to time come new goods to us. General Chat Chat Lounge In the position, there was no shortage of personalization weapons, which specifically affected the gameplay, the weapons only have different properties (for example, we get a measure), but we are faster. Can also count From time to time, during the adventure, we also come with well-equipped toys that provide lots of fun all the time.

It’s a pleasure that encourages you to spend time on the server because Although the Back4Blood is frequent, the card system and the satisfaction that comes from shooting itself rewards a lot. Ors users were even thinking about different heroes – cleansers establish relationships with one another during missions, they would occasionally joke, but that’s not the inner part of them that matters. Each of the eight characters gives different bonuses and offers a unique gameplay system with some style. For example, Holly recovers after hitting an opponent and Jim YD, Jim falls and deals damage later to hit accurately, Hoffman never runs ammo, and documents … let’s say. That’s his name for a reason. Survivors can also have a positive impact on the rest of the team, as it impacts production cooperation in many aspects.

And here I must mention one of the most important backbone 4 blades – may be the game’s requirements. From the beginning, we had access to three levels of difficulty, but I quickly realized that the “average” event was a good start. There is a challenge, a stupid move can lead the team back into the shelter and there is no chance of playing like a Rambo. Players will have to cooperate with one, one will have to help, and sometimes one will have to wait for the less intelligent player, because of course the loss of one person can be very severe. I remember it was a balance that encouraged me to play in Left 4 Dead and here I felt the same pleasure from completing the mission.

Back 4 For Blood Rockets fans? Of course yes

Back 4 Blood - Review - The Way to Hell

Let’s be honest: the Bake4 Blood Coop game was created for players. That doesn’t mean, however, that the game doesn’t play with bots, but unfortunately … the creators here failed. Developers have stopped promoting, so if you don’t have at least one living soul, you won’t have a new card and basically no sense of fun. The creators provide us with a full set of modifiers, we can play freely, but this thing doesn’t offer the right experience for me. I doubt that Triple Rock Studios decided to have the community ready to play together, but this was where the band could better review their operations. I’m sure that writers will get a lot of fans if they care about specially tailored entertainment for caregivers, who have their own development system. I must also mention the lack of classic Versace, but currently we can test a variety of game types – but, athletes don’t buy cleaners, but insects. The assumptions are good in this case, but I was not taken into this mode … I remember something in this case and it makes more sense to repeat the campaign for me.

One of the benefits of the Triple Rock Studio proposal is definitely the graphics, alone The reviewed Bek4blood looks really good on PlayStation 5, but I have to add that I also played the Xbox Series X and it’s hard to even complain about the visuals in this situation. Every action is a dark ray of dark places and this latest product, such as the Le 4 Dead, can show its pin. The game is running 60 frames per second on PS5 and XSX and I ran into no problems on any platforms.

Czy Back 4 Blood to Left 4 Dead 3?

During most of the game I was amazed that we could consider Beck 4 Blood as the true successor to the Dead 4 2. Although in terms of the game’s assumptions and the basics of Divine, we can divine a “spiritual successor”, Have difficulty Now answer this question, because a lot of that depends on the Triple Rock Studios community – if the players don’t produce after a few months, the developers will be able to tell about a huge breakthrough. Adding the game to the Xbox Game Pass catalog was a really important decision, since it was difficult to talk about the lack of games on the servers from the beginning.

Already offers the revised Bek4blood a very interesting shooting system that, thanks to good balance and card mechanics, encourages you to repeat the mission.General Chat Chat Lounge This is not a product of everyone, as some players may complain of having a relatively short campaign and a return to gameplay based on consistent success, but I have the impression that many ft 4 die fans. Will spend several months in this title. General Chat Chat Lounge

We waited a long, long time, but in the end, Back 4 Blood has a chance to stay with us longer.

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