Tuesday , July 5 2022

Even Grosicki didn’t help Pogoń Szczecin. There was a hero in the ring. The reaction from fans says everything is for sure


It was the 72nd minute. Costa Ranjai was walking along the bank with his hands in his pocket, after a moment he took the middle of the field. The perfect grasci. If now he doesn’t believe his team will manage to earn a few points from puck on Sunday. And it didn’t work. Visa has not played at his stadium this season. Also on Sunday, when he defeated Pogo Szczecin after the goal of Damien Varcho..

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However, this was not a game that looked like a watch. At least before the break, when it started out well, but with each passing minute the pace of this meeting was slowing down. – Too much uncertainty, chaos, and too few explanations. But not in our performance, but in Pogosh too. Hopefully, this change will be changed already. That’s how we’ll introduce a few introductions into the game and it’ll look good – said Pewter Tomasack, the leftist defender of Visa Glory during the match’s half-time.

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It was Tomasic who assisted with a goal for Warcoach in the 57th minute. This is his assist assist this season and Varcho’s sixth goal (he scored a goal in the Polish Cup), who, in the 82nd minute, was leaving the field (asukasz Sekulski replaced him at that time), in the stands. Fans give his name.

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Visa Puck won the fourth game this season on Sunday. And in the fourth house (she missed all six matches away from home). In the next round, Maciej Bartowicz’s team, which reached the 10th table in the table, will play Sunday’s victory thanks to Leach Poznach (Friday, 8.30pm). And Pogoń Szczecin, who is fourth, will host Jagiellonia Białystok (N, R, 17.30).

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