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Fuel and fuel prices may exceed PLN 10 per liter this year? When can the fuel start to become cheaper?


Recently, fuel prices are “crazy”. At many stations, 95 petrol costs above PLN 6 per liter. Unfortunately, this does not mean it will be cheap. Up to per liter?

ا Is this price possible?

In our opinion, of course not. Of course, this could be up to 95 petrol PLN 7 per liter before the end of the year. No one was expecting such a big fall. If that goes on, it may be that we will “kill” the fuel per PLN 8 in 2022 by 2022. However, we hope it will not be so bad. Of course, we’re not sure, because no one can really eject it. We can only guess and guess. Just as analysts have come up with it professionally.

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When can fuel be cheaper?

We think this may not be until spring. Then gas is usually cheaper. Is this happening this time of year? First of all, because that is when the demand for its use decreases. It is due to the end of the heating period. Households do not use as much gas as they do during the winter, and thus their costs decrease as the demand for this fuel decreases.

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Perhaps there is a chance that the price of 95, 98 and diesel fuel will fall again. However, it is not certain. However, as history shows, prices for other yin els remain the same as LPG prices decline. But that happens in a few months, no one really cares. All can only ask. After all, the cost of fueling depends on many factors around the world, including those that are strongly related to politics. Battles also help a liter of cost. That is why this gesture is so unpredictable. However, we do not think the price will increase as much as PLN 4 per liter in the next year. However, the liter level of PLN 7 is very real.

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