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Emergency. Ahmed was the first victim of the border crisis. “Until now, we do not know whether the cause of death was” oh “


The state of emergency at the Polish-Belarusian border will end in early December and may not happen …

Ahmed Hamid was a 29-year-old Iraqi. In September, he set sail for Europe – via Belarus and Poland. It was in our country that he died. Until now, Poland has not released the body to the family. In addition, the family did not provide any specific information regarding the male’s death.

“Until now, we do not know if this was the cause of Ahmed’s death and we will never find the body. Every time we ask about it, the answer is “You have to wait, we are investigating and we cannot issue a medical report,” says Ahmad’s.

Ahmed was the first casualty of the crisis on the Belarus border. The man traveled with two Iraqi Iraqis whom he had met on the way. He died in a jungle on September 19 – near Fricke village in Podlasi. He was there to send a message to Ahmed’s family for the last message. It was given the location.

Polish medical staff seeks to restore Ahmad – ECG – Certainly a long record – did not show any characteristic of electrical activity of the heart, so it was pronounced dead – report by Victor Lemiez, a physician.

– Post-mortem will be very careful – Ministry of Interior and Administration chief Mario Kaminsky said in a press conference on September 20.

“Authorities’ behavior is not correct”

The case of Ahmed’s death was taken by the prosecutor’s office in Swazi, who does not want to be interviewed or provided information. – The family should contact the attending prosecutor – from the District Prosecutor’s Office at RW and Wojciech Pickett Soski.

Questions about Ahmed’s death were not answered by the National Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of the Interior and Administration and the Border Guard’s camera of the TVN24’s editorial office.

– The authorities’ behavior is not correct. And, in particular, he should not run without a family, says Magdalena Zaglobicka, a lawyer who has already contacted Ahmed’s family and announced Bon’s legal aid. – Finally, this family gets a difficult situation in this situation. One of the key duties of the prosecutor in this type of case is to read and contact the painful parties, in this case the family – he adds.

Words of sympathy have also come from my sister Yan and mother from WF Freyki, near whom Ahmed died. – How humane are these people being hurt? I would sincerely apologize to them because whatever they do, I certainly would not do it, says Georgie Silant, a resident of Frankie’s Village.

After the intervention of TVN24’s editorial office, Ahmed’s family received an unofficial record that his body was due to return to Iraq next week.

Author: Piotr Czaban / Source: Facts in the Afternoon

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