Tuesday , July 5 2022

“Help is IN” – locals discover new suspects in the case of a murdered family


In the villas of the Đokić family of killers from Aleksinac, investigators are leaving nothing to chance, and according to an unofficial one, a notebook of the Liquidator’s exchange bookkeeper in Goran (57) was found, allegedly also. A list of 15 creditor lenders who reportedly owed about 300,000 euros as Đokić.

In addition, according to locals, the first concrete doubts began.

– The police are at the scene every day. Apparently they are looking for anything that could lead to a killer. It is assumed that Tipper or Helper is someone from W, because it is difficult for us to imagine that any of us is capable of killing personally. But, for monitoring and reporting when the location of the vehicle left, it is possible and possible that someone from here provided logistics, observed the victims and gave anyone information – says the resident of Morawa and adding that. Because the police are the opposite. according to the Morawa River. Where, as they assume, the weapons with which the suspects were killed are being watched.

A large police presence was noticed on Morawak. The police were standing at an intersection between the van and the police van, where they were heading to the bank of the Moravah, where the body was found, and where their car was erved from the road at night.

– It is assumed that they have found a new clue, so these days the police are locating the locals with the locals, who will be seen sometime on September 26 when Jokic is kidnapped, killed and burned. – A source told Corey and came and told them the police were looking. For a red car, which was ravaged on the day of the family’s disappearance in Moravian.

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