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The stem roller does not stop grinding. Partizan’s breakthrough for General Gant, Redneck in Homska! Video


Melos Jojic got into the black and blonde in the 33rd minute after he bounced the ball into the penalty area.

The final result was set in the 73rd minute by Ricardo Gomes.

Partizan led the Serbian Super League with 34 points, with one draw, while Radnik was 14th with 10 points.

In the next round of the Serbian Super League, the sides will play against TSC, and Radnik will welcome Voždovac.

The water of the match

half a half:

90 minutes – The match was over

85 minutes – The third goal, but is blocked in a hopeless situation.

Photo: Starport

82 minutes The rhythm of the match was over

75 minutes – More changes in Partizan. Holender and Pavlović are in the game instead of Jojić and Terzić.

73. Minutes – GOOL 2: 0, Record

63 minutes – Pentecost came out of the game, and Barbras came in unbeaten.

62. Minutes – Pentick tried, Rangelovich defended brilliantly.

53 minutes The new big opportunity, Lazarus Markovich, fires a fierce shot from the diagonal side R 7 and 7, 8 meters from the goal. He shot from a angled angle, but did not hit, the ball almost fell to the front of the tripod.

47. Minutes – Great opportunity for a record, but Rangelovich plays excellent defense.

46. ​​Minutes – half a half started

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First half:

45 minutes – The first half is over.

39 minutes – The parties continued to attack, Meng also tried, but over the goal.

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33rd minute – Round 1: 0, Joji, after Sanyan’s shot, the ball reaches Jojiich, who saves the net.

33 minutes – The recorder also tried the left or right side of the post from the corner of the penalty area.

29. Minutes – Trying Terzic, but almost wrong.

25 minutes – The Sunnis had a good chance, after the cross, he was alone at five meters, caught the ball badly and sent his head to goal.

19. Minutes – Menig did not center, but Terzic did

16 minutes – P.AndThe young Terzic tried 18 meters away, but was stopped.

11. Minutes – For now, Radnik’s team is trying to defend and score from a counter-attack

5 minutes – Partial attacks, but without any real chance.

1. Minute – The match has begun

osition thus:

Parties: Popović – Miljković, Miletić, Saničanin, Urošević – Zdjelar, Jojić – Terzić, Pantić, Menig – Ricardo.

The worker: Randjelovic – Hodzic, Radmanovac, Simonovic, Medic – Stojanovic – Bogdanovski, Nedeljkovic, Janjic, Petrovic – Dimitrov.

Judge: Geordji Maksimovich

Photo: Starport

Alexander Stojanovic, the head of the professional staff of Kari and Gory, points out that the people of Sardulica are a highly unpopular rival, who find it hard to recognize the goals, and the domestic championship is a priority for:

We know we have to wait, it is our duty to win. We play against a team that is extremely strong and achieves some goals. It hurts them a bit, but it’s hard to ‘break’, so we have to be patient and play until the end. The workers are in a worse place at the table than they want to be. On the other hand, they recognized that only on the three-goal side, after Zazvada, they recognized that they had very little purpose for us. They are a strong team that has an extraordinary transition, they have sharp players on the edge, a young striker, a coach and a coach. We have to win. If I think that match with Radnick is important to me than Gant’s match, you don’t believe me. For me personally, the players know, I let them. Of course, the European match with the Giants is important for the club, for everything. I don’t want to have something motivating about inspiration. I am able to suspend a player if there is no dynamic in training, let alone in a game.

The chief of the guest professional staff, Dušan Đorđević, points out that he has no intention of threatening the championship leader, as well as his team trying their best and offering strong resistance:

Of course, we are not thinking of any danger. As a coach, I think the team is looking great right now. We’ll see what this edition brings. Let’s talk about a break in the tradition of partisans, of course not, at least not this time. is important to believe that this is always a wonderful moment with Partizan. Even now, I don’t think about the consequences, I just try to be real in my own thinking and nothing more. We are still not in the position of great executives. A large number of players have been having injuries for some time now and we are doing everything we can to get them into action as soon as possible. Some of the players will be in this match, but unfortunately most of them are not, and I would say we are weak enough for Belgrade. We know parties are a favorite, but we will try to present ourselves in the best possible light. We will try to offer good resistance and do our best, but we know and are aware that after the parties we will have a series of games for which we must prepare as much as possible and that The fate depends on those players and those points.

The match between the parties and the redneck will begin at 5pm.

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