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This is the TRUTH we really do not share (video)


Luna and Marco Miljković head the media headlines with their relationship with Yen. Luna confessed that many friends left her after participating in the reality show, and this was due to the attention she lost to her friendship with Anastasia Raznovich. Marco revealed that he chose Seva Radovich, ex-husband of presenter Irina Radovich, as his fiancee.

– Sava was always with me. When we met in reality 15 years ago, he was with me all the time. I felt that he should be my father, he is an old man. I had never fought with him. We agree on everything in seconds – Marco discovered in Sceniranje, that is why he chose to be his car’s father.

Luna came up with a “goodbye” before the reality show and it was given to her when her friends gave it to her – but that was after the three-part split.

– There were about fifteen of us. They liked me After leaving the fact, the three of them left. They were frustrated and it wasn’t fair to them how I really presented myself. They show that they are not good and evil in me, but only when it is good – Luna said.

Luna Jogani
Photo: Cory Television Printing Screen

Regarding her relationship with Anastasia Rznatovich, Luna said her break up was challenging.

– It was rumored that I had taken her boyfriend, he had not advertised yet and it was assumed that he had confirmed the story. It was very challenging for me, she is my mother too. We spent so much together and I will never forget that part of my life. Nothing happened, our paths were different. We got along and at one point our comments didn’t fit. She fell in love, she cared about the man, I had some of my own and they broke up. We did not dispute or insult. I never found an ugly word from her, nor did she ever take an ugly word from me – Luna explained.

Luna Jogani
Photo: Corey Television Printing Screen

Marco’s wife pointed out that she will always remember Anastasia, the beautiful things in her life.

– I’m sorry we are not friends, we are god after god. When I decided to baptize, no one was more important to me. She was like my part, we were very close. I want my mom to be someone with whom I share everything, and for whom I can open – Luna pointed out.

As she said, today she is happily ast and singing Anastasia’s wishes and wishes in her life. Marco expects his friends to avoid this, as they have not done so yet.


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