Tuesday , July 5 2022

The new MacBook Pro will be cut out in display


According to the latest information from internal sources, Apple will put a cut-out in the display on the new MacBook Pro model.

Source: B92, MacRumors

Photo: Profemedia

Photo: Profemedia

The new MacBook Pro will have a new display design and a cut-out will be implemented, which will have a microphone, a TrueTone sensor and a 1080p camera.

The displays will have a 16:10 aspect ratio and will be 14 inches (with 3456×2234 resolution) and 16 inches (with a resolution of 3024×1964).

The screen of the new MacBook Pro modules will be mini LED.

It also has a Touch ID sensor, but the touch bar is no longer there. Apple is coming back to the traditional keyboards, which have pleased users.

The information we get is not exactly Apple’s feature.

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