Tuesday , July 5 2022

Alexandros Papatriantafyllos’s statements about Natalia Germanou Lignadis were astonishing


“You told me nice in an interview? You ruined it for me. What is the best way to do ing now…

Described on the camera “not improved” by the Alexandros Papatranetti filo, except for what he said about Demetrius Lagnadius freezing Natalia Germany.

In particular, the actor said: “I had a teacher, Dimitris Lignadis, and I had no personal complaints. He never did anything to me. “I am bad. Is bad Jon bad about the other gentleman who has been detained, so look at him and not work with him.”

After the screening of the video, it wasn’t too long before Natalia came up with a response from Germany, who said: “Oh, I was on a fast track and I was wrong. I was preparing to comment on an analogy with George Gerontidakis, but he brought us Lignadis and Petros Filippidis and now it doesn’t matter. Have you done that in an interview before? You ruined it for me. What is the purpose of commenting now, if he looks like George Gerontidakis? Busy. This is not the time to remember the times and the times with people who are in prison for serious crimes. And maybe I have no complaints from anyone and he will kill later…

I will not sit back and think that I have no complaints from anyone who is currently in prison. “I will be quiet and you will ruin it for me.

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