Tuesday , July 5 2022

Emergency at the International Space Station


The International Space Station (ISS) astronauts were forced to implement emergency protocols when the station was lowered and dropped to 57 degrees. Ground teams at NASA and Roscosmos were alerted and astronauts directed their actions. According to the New York Times, the incident took place when astronaut Oleg Nautsky was testing the engine of the Suez MS-18, which was fouled at the station.

A NASA spokeswoman said the engines were running unexpectedly and were over the scheduled operating time. Thus, the ISS lost control of its orbit position. The Russian ground operators immediately told Natsuki that the station had rotated 57 degrees and instructed NASA pilots to launch emergency procedures.

The pilots were fortunately able to regain control of the station after 30 minutes.

During the test of the Soyuz MS-18 engine, the direction of the station was changed and changed. He quickly returned to normal thanks to the operations of the Special Operations Control Group of the ISS Russian Section. The station and crew are in no danger. – Announcement of Roscosmos

This is the case after July, when the Russian part of the yacht unexpectedly launches its engine, changes the station’s tilt to 45 degrees.

The Suez MS-18 returned to the sand a few hours later, to an astronaut, a director and an actor who had been at ISS for 12 days, shooting for parts of the “Challenge”, the first film ever made in space. Three hours after the detachment of the ISS, the capsule landed in the Kazakh territory with parachutes.

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