Tuesday , July 5 2022

Precautions to Avoid “Sesamos” – Relatives of Real Heroes Don’t Be Afraid


Things are looking up for the producers of the TV series Sesamos.

According to the information, the son of the real Clappie came from Athens to enter the precautionary measures as the series closes.

As he claims, things are particularly dangerous in Crete as the screening of the series gives rise to memories of revenge that hurt the lives of more than 90 people.

The series was on the book by Spyros Petroulakis, which describes the astonishing revenge, and the audience’s audience loved their television transition from the first moment.

However, as one family member claimed: “From 1944 to 1964, there were 90 patients for 20 years. One of those families was my family. These plans should close things down and make things worse in Crete. That is a bit of a downside. We are all on the banks of the ROR. “If one is found and the trigger is edited, the war will start from the beginning,” he said.

He also wants to file a lawsuit for moral damages and demands a million euros that he will offer for Erin’s smile, according to the show’s report “Open Week End.”

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