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Say it and do it! There he will give away his money


Vangelis Marinakis: Move to the Greek own yard owner. Virgilis marinakis green their ats yin… green, p ore and ione rye. CEO of Capital Product Partners says say buy three LNG carriers in liquid natural gas transportation to expand the company’s activity. Details on xristika.gr.

The shift to green energy is an integral part of the Marinakis Group’s strategy, aimed at sustainable development and clean ocean transport.

On the eve of the concession, a few days ago, Gerasimos Kalogiratos, CEO of Capital Group Fleet, CEO of “new” LLL carrier “Asklipios” renewed its “Green” renewal with “business.” Stories “.

– Capital Product Partners recently purchased three LNG carriers for Vibeu, its liquid natural gas transmission business. What’s the new company image?

Capital Product Partners LP (CPLP), known as EightView, is an international shipping company founded by the Capital Maritime and Trading Corporation, in the interest of the Vinglese Marinakis family.

It listed shares on the NASDAQ Money Market in 2007 and is affiliated with liquid transportation for liquid natural gas (LNG), containers and bulk raw materials.

The company recently entered into LNG shipping with the purchase of the three latest LNG carriers, investing $ 600 million.

The yen has a capacity of 174,000 cubic meters each, of which they have already been received, while the third will be received by the end of November.

Our Marine Ship includes 15 container vessels that have a total carrying capacity of 104,000 TEU and a Capesize bulk dry cargo ship.

CPLP modern ones are modern, with an average age of less than 9 years, and are designed and equipped to a high standard. Our customers are international energy and shipping companies such as BP, Cheniere, MSC, Hapag Lloyd etc.

Our business model is very conservative, as we focus on obtaining medium-term and long-term agreements.

We currently have close to 900 million revenue from current-time charters, including some options, while the company’s average residual time charter is over 4.5 years.

So, we and our investors have a very visceral exposure in terms of our cash flow for years to come. This has allowed us to give investors unpaid dividends from our investors since 2007, which is now close to 800 million total.

– These days the Marinaki Group acquired another newly created LNG carrier. For your part, do you continue to expand the company’s expansion into the liquid natural gas market?

Through its extensive Marinke Group, Capital Maritime and Affine partners, it operates a total of 108 vessels yachting, including 9 tankers for LNG carriers, 56 tankers for crude oil and crude oil, 38 container vessels and 5 dry cargo vessels. General Chat Chat Lounge

For Capital Product Partners LP, entering the liquid natural gas transport market is a strategic choice. In addition, in addition to the three aircraft that we purchased, we have the option to purchase more than three ident or sister ipsa, with a total investment of up to 1.2 billion euros.

LNG plays an important role in the energy transfer for us, as it is internationally selected to fuel the momentum until we reach the exclusive use of renewable energy sources, for some of which An important addition, however, is their transport to sea. Supply Chain ..

For 2020, investment in the development of LNG import infrastructure in the world is estimated at 7 billion billion a year from $ 3 billion. This is a huge market, as more than 40 countries import LNG, while LNG demand is expected to increase by 5% for 2021.

LNG is also a great opportunity for our country, which can benefit from the dynamic presence of Greek ships by transporting liquid natural gas to its source of supply with vibrant and clean energy. To establish energy. Hub. SE in European markets.

– Investing in LNG also signals a common shift of the company toward greener “green” ips yen and more “green” els.

At CPLP we prioritize sustainable development, so we are constantly investing in new technologies and energy-efficient shipment, so that our goals are in line with international regulatory data and set environmental standards by the industry.

New LNG carriers are not only energy and energy are more expensive than our ETF average, but because they also use natural gas as fuel, they are expected to grow further in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Reduce the environmental impact of the company.

By investing in LNG carriers, CPLP is in line with an environmental policy that has been underway in recent years. Apparently, CPLP has implemented a comprehensive program of installation of Sulfur Dioxide Treatment System and Ballistic Management on its ipsis.

In shipping, however, there are still no mature technologies that can lead us to the potential goal of zero carbon emissions, as can be done in part industry.

As long as they are, the adoption of natural gas as a marine fuel is a reliable interim solution, provided that its use produces significantly less CO2 emissions (up to 20% yr) than oil, while it contains SOX. (Sulfur oxide) and gaseous gases have zero emissions. Greenhouse

– But also be active in research for new technologies. Give us a picture of this activity.

Of course, at CPLP, along with our shipbuilding managers, we are closely watching the technological developments and participating in many research projects to enhance energy efficiency of the current system, but also they can be used to fuel new fuels. Which can reduce environmental signs. General Chat Chat Lounge

We are participating, for example, in the research project “Ship FC”, an important project funded by the European Union, for the development of the first shipyard, which will run exclusively on ammonia and, among which, the Democene. ” Democrats “, University. Strathclyde’s, as well as European companies.

At the same time, CPLP is one of the first shipping companies that fully adheres to ESG standards – environmental, social and corporate governance – and of course adheres to environmental regulations and requirements. Regulators, such as the EU and IMO.

In support of these actions and their cooperation in the Clean Sea Transport International efforts, our company was awarded the “Green Award”, in the “Sustainable Shipping” category, in the context of the “Thessaloniki Metropolitan Summit”. General Chat Chat Lounge , Which happened on Friday, September 10 in Thessaloniki.

Vangelis Marinakis: The final “injection”

Vangilis Marinakis belongs to the elite of the world, making a move with the Greek owner of the yacht, which makes him a world leader!

US-listed Capital Product Partners LP agrees to have three State of the Art LNG carriers totaling 174,000 cubic meters for a total of $ 599.5 million.

The LNG carriers are: Aristos I, Ar Arquished in 2020 and Aristarchos and Aristidis I erected in 2021, in the yard of Hyundai Heavy Industries.

LNG / C Aristos I and LNG / C Aristarchos are expected to arrive in mid-September and end of LNG / C Aristidis I in November 2021.

Aristos I and Aristidis I are under a long-term charter by BP Gas Marketing Limited (“BP”). The charter for the first expires in October 2027 and for the first in December 2027. However, the charters are not expected to extend until October and December 2032.

Aristarchos is also a long-term charter by Cheniere Marketing International LLP (“Cheniere”), which expires in February 2025, with annual annual options after that date.

The charter revenue was $ 391 million for the three triplets, with an average daily charter of $ 67,630.

In addition to Aristarchos, the average age of a company’s fleet has dropped to 8.8 from 10.4 years.

It should be noted that the latest generation of LNG carriers are 23% efficient in the use of efficient fuel and thus reduce the impact of the environment.

Vanguellis marinakis: Option to carry three yin three sister ips yen

As part of its consolidation and acquisition of fuel, Capital has the option of acquiring other sister sister ips yen, each with an average share of $ 207.7 million, revenue of $ 429 million and average daily income of $ 70,650. are white.

All three are listed in 2021 and are chartered by BP, Cheniere and Engie Energy Marketing Singapore Pte Ltd.

“We are delighted to complete these transactions for the acquisition of these three new, high-quality LNGs at a time when the LNG market has strong long-term potential,” said Jerry Kalgiratos, CEO of Capital.

“Acquisitions are expected to be particularly significant for our distributed cash flow and revenue per unit, renewing the Partnership fleet and refining its profitability. This will help strengthen our cash flow and invest in diversifying our customer base ”. He added: “This is a powerful step towards reducing environmental footprint and is part of the shipping transition with carbon neutral measures.”

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