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Poet George Kakoldis died


The poet died George Coulterius At the age of 65 years. George Kakoulidis was born in Athens in 1956 and the son of an artist and grandson of a sculptor. He appeared in literature in 1979 from the publications of the poetry collection Liberty (quoting travels in his seas), by Philipus Velachos.

In 1994 he was awarded the Café International Prize in Alexandria Of EgyptGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

Parallel to his writing activity, he has been involved in painting and has performed eight solo exhibitions (Agatti 2001, Gallery of Ersi 2003, Boaz Cooperative 2010, Sailors in Paris 2010, January 2011, Red House of Chalkidas 2013, Michalis Kakoginis) Foundation 2012 and 2014. His poetry is composed by music by Thanos Mikroutsikos, Nikos Kypourgos, Tassos Meletopoulos and Marios Strofalis, a compilation of his poems 1979-2012 (published by the Union of Composers and Lyricists of Greece 2012). ).

His work


Liberty, Texts 1979 / Rupertron 1986
Muslim Road, Agra 1983

Tiger Heresy, Agra 1984 /
Ivan 1990 / News 1992
The Prayer of Giordano Bruno, Castanews 1986
Notes of honor, Kastaniotis 1988
Color of the orchestra, Kastaniotis 1989
The Old Poem of Announcement, Dolphin 1992 / Armos 1998
Monsignor, Kastaniotis 1996
The Truth That Does Not Exist (open volume with his works in 1999), Exantas 1999
The Greed of War, Exantas 2000
Ode to a Thirty-Eight, Exantas 2001
The Song of the Fan, Exantas 2003
As Thoughts Must Have, Exantas 2004
Poetry 1979-2012, EMSE 2012
Blessed Wound, Gavriilidis Publications 2014


Parthion’s Syndrome (narrative), Castantivas 1991
Falabela (story), Kastaniotis 1995
Simon of Omonia (story), Exantas 2002
Stories That Be True, Futura 2004
Club of Moments (Novel), Lebanon Publishing House 2009
About nonsense (short stories), Kathros 2011
The theater
King’s Eyes, Pattakis 1998
Baldassar spoke Divine, Presence 2010 / Marine 2013


The Black Generation of Mr. Krazos (Three Avenues with the Poet Nicos Krazos), Castanews 1992 / Spanos Publishing 2005
Absolute Roses (The Politics of Texts and Everyday Life), Maria 2007

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