Tuesday , July 5 2022

They submit guidelines for curative marijuana



Federal Commission for Protection against Hygiene Risks (Cofepris) this Monday "Instructions in the field of sanitary control of cannabis and its derivatives ", which sets out all the mechanisms that companies and patients must follow plant, growth and harvest of marijuana for medical purposes,

Owner Cofepris, Julio Sánchez and Tépoz, explained at a news conference that so far from the Ministry of Health (Ssa), the necessary steps to harmonize the rules and rules for the sanitary control of marijuana and its derivatives were specified.

With these guidelines, the opportunity is available to all interested parties, to any applicant, I insist that no one is left out, to patients, to people who are grown for personal need, who apply, "he said.

On the other hand, the Commissioner explained that to date 10 permits were granted for recreational and recreational use hemp and there are 615 applications They are in different phases of the process, so once the privileges are rejected, they can be accessed through ampara.

Sánchez and Tépoz have pointed out that marijuana consumption should be addressed in terms of public health and that addiction should be tackled without consumer criminalization, and measures to prevent dependence, including the consumption of herbs, should be strengthened.

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