Thursday , June 30 2022

Aidan Sharanovich, Pogo Shiziken’s wicketkeeper, has died


ranaranović, who was in germany, had a severe heart attack six days later, after which he was in a pharmacological coma, as a result of brain hypoxia. On Sunday, August 22, the Port Veteran “Portico” died.

“I will always remember and love you, my…. You have always been a fighter and I will always remember you like that” – remembers the late footballer, F Wake FK embedded player Harris Hendsey.

The Bosnian performed almost twenty years ago in P Pogoń Szczecin. In 12 Ekstraklasa matches, he scored a goal.

ranaranović is the fastest goal scorer in Croatian top league history. In 2004, in the colors of Kamen Engrade Velica, he scored as many as 10 seconds in the match with Inter Zaprešić.

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