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Bruno Sales and Apparel grow in the bank market, only four percent of the biggest bank market will be more than 50%


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The bank's sales and conscience, and in the end, the harshness of the Sabbath market continues. With the latest purchase of Society Jane Bank, which is eliminated by the Hungarian OPP Group, collectively holds 25 banks in Serbia.

For the first half of the year, according to the latest figures of the National Bank of Serbia, only 4 percent of the major part of the country is 47%. Considering that ATP bin had bought Vododadin Banks from Greek owners in December last year, the operation was conducted on the Serbian market. It is estimated that after joining the Society Genel Bank, this Hungarian group will hold the first and second number of Antisa and Non-Baked Banks, and will be more than 50% from the four-bank market cake, through the participation of the market in their country.

Downloading 2016. Year

It is interesting that 34 banks were operating in Serbia earlier, 21 of them were private. Today, from 25 billion rupees, there are many parts of the five major countries. – Karrasisana Banca, Pottsecca Ň°oteionica, Jacobs Bank, Circuska and MSS Bank.

Although the more rigorous fact is that more than 80 banks have run two decades ago in Serbia, their number is approximately 45 years in 2004.

Crucjejina Bank's sales are also ongoingPhoto: Komercijalna Banka / Promo
Crucjejina Bank's sales are also ongoing

Our market was started two years ago on the bank's run when purchasing Aike Bank, the business model, the country's Greek alpha bucket. At the same time, Indand Jawovanovic and Bosnian Melonovic, who first bought the Sabbath branch of New York, Kutana, bought Bangkok and changed his name to Disney Bank, Buy Findomestik and Pyrus Bank.

On a big scale

During 2017, Russia started talking on the vitamin Buck sale. It was completed between the year 2018, when VTB was purchased by a Russian banker and a Panagrass Oil Company, and itself was converted into the app bank. Additionally, Marfin Bank has passed in the arms of the Russians, it has been terminated by Acupuncture.

With the recent sales of Society Jennifer Birk, CTP Group does not abolish the restoration of banners in Serbia. Specifically, the state has announced the special privilege of the Karkozina Bank, which is 41.7% of the total, and will be expected to come next year. In addition, the Finance Ministry's Banks Bank (20% direct ownership of the Serbia Republic), along with the state's package of shares in the Serbian bank, sold, whose business, for this reason, analyzed by the Finance Ministry.

Strong competition and slow debt

Experts estimate that banking in Serbia is required, because it will increase the performance of the bank and increase, which will lead to lower debt rates. Those of them who believe in small banks are less than 0.5 percent of stock shares, and will not be in the long run to harm them for years. They would not be surprised that they change power relations in the field of banks.

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In other words, before the net profit in the field of bank in the first six months of 2018, 3.4 percent higher than the US $ 35.3 billion in the same period of the previous year.

Market 10 Great Banks Sharing *

Antioxidance 15.8%

Invalid 11.9%

Commercial 10.9%

As the 8.4%

Raiffeisen 8%

AIK 5.8%

Art 5.2%

Eurobok 4.7%

Post savings bank 4.5%

3.5% of Venezuela

* Data is OTP bunk before purchasing syasetts

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