Tuesday , July 5 2022

Pavkov spoke of his future


Milan Pavov finished second against Liverpool

Attack Crven Zvezda Milan Pavkov spoke about signing a new contract with the club after yesterday's victory over Liverpool.

Milan Pavov, with two gates, rose to the hero of the Red Star, but also to Serbian football. The Marakana grocery store was left by a giant Liverpool giant in Europe, and the victory in Serbia was the biggest victory in the "post-Caribbean era".

The price of a strong striker immediately jumped. World media screaming about Milan Pavkov, whose Red Star contract expires next year. The guy, who was on the other hand and whose transfer was expected this year, has become a favorite fan and now he's talking a lot about his future.

– I'm pretty pretty and I have no reason to hide – I'd like to sign a new contract and stay in Red Star – Pavkov told Maxbetsport.

Zvezda has arrived for 300,000 euros, but its price has now jumped, so the new treaty talks about millions.

– I'm far from it, I still have to push those millions – said Pavkov.

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