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"Sadistic jokes killed him in the army" – A 38-year-old sister who committed suicide in Thessaloniki, revealed


The personal drama of a man who committed suicide last week and jumps from the 5th floor of the Thessaloniki shopping mall reveals his sister automatically.

In the afternoon of Wednesday, a 38-year-old man got into the void before the amazing eyes of dozens of people who at that time (4:15 pm) stood at the mall. But, as Anastasia Barzouliana says, her brother died a little longer.

With her Facebook contribution, Mrs Barzuliana speaks of the sexual abuse her brother suffered in the army, commenting on the stigma of psychiatric illnesses and tragic incidents that pushed a 38-year-old person to suicide.

Shocking suspension

"My brother, Vyronas, was a great, talented child, all of whom said it was told by his teachers, friends and those who met him.This was later told by his classmates and his professors at the school where he was attending.His family, they all knew that the child was humorous, intelligent, sensitive, creative I often loved me I loved spending time with it We did not sleep or eat how often brothers did it She knew she was hugging her, stroking herself, showing her affection She screamed at me He was a man with skills He liked climbing, climbing, playing violin, guitar and screaming where and when a little ladybird He was good at art and technique … He studied at the TEI in Thessaloniki, Electronic and he learned martial arts and especially TAE KWON, in the army he was a probation officer, and in recent years he worked in the biotechnology company in Thessaloniki.

My brother did not lose him in a day. I lost him on the evening of October 31, 2018. But my brother died for a long time, a little bit.

My brother started to lose him when his father told him not to be "so sensitive," because the men had to be tough. Since then he has been trying to prove he's a "man."

"Sadistic jokes abuse him sexually"

I lost another piece when he came back from the army, broke up because some sadistic shuffles who had a sensitivity problem as a male feature and he was sucked for it, stood him one evening throwing the substance in his beverage that left the senses and sexually abused.

The spiritual man told him that he "obeyed Satan"

I lost another part of him when he started hallucinating and heard the voices, and psychiatry told him that he was schizophrenic, and the company had him reprimanded for a simple biochemical imbalance in his nervous system and the stigma of the mentally ill. I lost his next part when the spiritual he helped said that the voices he listened to are Satan and must repent and continually confess his sins by paying him guilt for things that are not his own responsibility.

But my brother did not want to be a victim. Fight with everyone. In his place, with his illness, no one works.

But my brother got up all the morning and went to work.

He took his medication, took his courage, his stubbornness, his unwavering will for life, and continued.
In his working environment, he faced the same bullying he had experienced throughout his life from the "men" who were his "brothers".

In a working environment where verbal (even physical violence) was acceptable as a sample of masculinity, where everyday humor and threats had to be excited for every fraud due to the economic crisis and the emotional burden of his bosses, and that was okay because it is manhood, brother is lost every day. He worked constantly, without a free day, seven days a week, even without money. It worked until the gas dissolved and almost 80 pounds were produced.

He was constantly working to prove that he was not a schizophrenic with a hint of mad and incompetent, trying to prove that the men could endure everything, worked to offer even though they were not paid because he considered his work as a social function, worked under conditions that would be somebody he set out.

I asked him infinitely many times to leave, to rest to take care of himself. My mother said he did not have to work for a while, that he could do a thousand times that he was able to find work anywhere else. He decided to stay in a society that sank from debt to help his bosses who saw him as his friends.

And one day, my brother, without saying a word, without telling anyone, nothing left, not a note, did not reach the gap.

My brother did not lose him in a day. I saw him collapse, get up and fight again and again, refuse to give up and fight for the right to life.

My brother, instead of embracing himself and his sensitivity, tried to deny it because "they are men." And one day it did not last. I do not know what's going on in his mind the day he dived into emptiness. I was wounded by thinking that in my last moments I could be panicked, injured, suffered.
But what hurt me most was that I saw him lost, still a bit, and no one, no one, found a way to help him. Not even doctors or drugs … Not me.

My closest people feel guilty because they could not stop what happened to him. But no one said that it should be. It's not them.

They are up in the face of the patriarchy. In a system that teaches people, they are clumsy that it is not only nasty but acceptable for violence. That he must practice violence, have power. That is the reason for their existence. Power supply. This is manhood. No one should be weak, ill, sensitive, not working because it is useless if not. You are useless in capitalism when you are not prolific.

If my sweet body did not incite so much violence, my brother would live. He will live because his family did not consider him "mentally ill", did not get rid of him, she did not close him in a baby crèche, did not lead him to a psychiatric bed, did not kill him, did not get rid of him, and did not marry. My family loved and supported him, even though he disagreed with his decision to work until he was dissolved.
Very easy to talk about "mental illness" and suicide. It is such a quick and convenient way to get rid of responsibility for everything that is happening every day about the violence that is being practiced and accepted.

Father's violence against his son, the assailant's violence against the demonstrator, the violence of the priest against the "sinner", the employer's violence against the worker, and the psychiatric violence against the patient.

You are not men. My brother deserves as many as a thousand of you. His death is also your responsibility, because stealing it for all these years by taking each piece of it. You are not men. You are thieves, humble and inhuman, and if there is justice in this world, I hope you get what you deserve. "

"No one was punished"

When she spoke about the first issue, Mrs Barzuliana complained that because her brother later years talked about what had happened in the army, no one was punished.

"My brother did not talk about what happened to him until a few years later. No one was punished." As is often the case, many of the victims of sexual abuse, men and women, are ashamed and afraid to talk about what they are especially in the army, things are even worse, my brother ideally ideally, he went to the army to serve his homeland and he believed so much, but many men in the army, but they do not see it, but they care about those who are interested in what they are doing , they see the army as an opportunity for chivalry and to prove their masculinity It does not matter what they will serve at all My brother was ridiculed and abused by these people My father never learned what happened to my brother He died in 2008. Vyronas after many years later, he told my mother after the incident.

"But surely, if the Greek society finally worked on how to deal with abuses everywhere, something would change in all areas, and the misuse of the army is taboo, an example of such a function in the Greek society, which has to some extent involved, but there is no such thing for men, it is not strange, women are subjected to systematic abuse, sexist violence, men are systematically attacked by themselves, they do not even get it because it's happening, they do not understand what they are it is sexism and the patriarch that they keep a system of constant violence and abuse against one another! It's not crazy What would my brother save? What I tell you … I wish I knew if I really answered that question I would stop If our society really was interested and was aware of what psychiatric illness means if there is a stigma for psychiatric illness, if there is no stigma of "schizophrenic" illness, if we have a better health system if there is a strong support for mental patients (it is wrong to say "mentally ill," nobody is ill, his nervous system and mental state) , "bipolar" and a thousand two more if these stupid stereotypes were not reproduced everywhere … if … and … when … ".

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